May 15, 2024

How Long Can a Cat Survive with a Rectal Prolapse: Complete Guide

Rectal prolapse in cats occurs when rectal tissue starts to protrude through the cat's anus. This causes discomfort to the feline, noticing symptoms such as licking at the rectum and struggling to poop or pee.

Two Main Types of Rectal Prolapse

There are mainly two types of rectal prolapse: incomplete and complete. Immediate veterinary attention is required for a complete rectal prolapse, where the situation is more severe.

Various Causes of Rectal Prolapse

Several conditions can lead to rectal prolapse. These include intestinal parasites, constipation, diarrhea, and obstruction of the rectum or colon. It is crucial to identify and treat these underlying causes to alleviate the prolapse.

Diagnosis of Rectal Prolapse in Cats

When a cat is suspected to have a rectal prolapse, the veterinarian will conduct a physical examination. They may need to rule out potential underlying causes such as rectal masses or parasites through further diagnostic tests.

Treatment Options for Rectal Prolapse

Treatment for rectal prolapse involves simple reduction under anesthesia and rectal prolapse surgery. The cat's medical team should also address any underlying causes to ensure a comprehensive treatment approach.

Recovery and Management of Rectal Prolapse

After addressing the rectal prolapse, cats may require pain medication, antibiotics, and stool softeners for recovery. Possible complications include fecal incontinence or infection that need to be examined and treated promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is commonly asked question such as understanding the healing process of rectal prolapse, the consequences of untreated prolapse, and how to differentiate between hemorrhoids and rectal prolapse in cats. Answers to these queries will help cat owners manage and prevent rectal prolapse, ensuring a healthier and more comfortable life for their pets.

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